Protecting the lives of our loved ones and the environment we all share is the key to a healthy and happy life

While it is impossible for anyone to physically be everywhere at all times, our innovative IvedaCare technology takes users closer to this reality than ever before.

The simple to use and easy to set up cloud-based, wireless sensors collect real-time data designed for homes, hospitals, and even neighborhoods and other communities. The user accesses and manages these sensors via the IvedaCare’s AI-driven, decision-making software, which instantly notifies users when adverse situations occur. And with the user-friendly mobile IvedaCare app, all of this happens in the palm of your hand.

While the safety of you and your family is of utmost importance, IvedaCare’s sensor options also provide protection for your home and belongings. These options include water and energy monitoring, perimeter and in-home security sensors, among many others. And with IvedaCare’s energy management system, users can reduce their environmental footprint and reduce their energy expenditures 

Unlike other passive alert systems, IvedaCare’s AI-driven predictive software learns user’s lifestyle preferences and makes future decisions based on this information. This reduces false alarms. With IvedaCare, you not only can monitor your home and loved ones from afar, but potentially life-saving decisions can be made for you whenever necessary.

IvedaCare Starter Kit



For seniors and their caregivers

  • Bots-enabled ambient fall detection
  • Medication adherence monitoring
  • Monitor whereabouts of Alzheimer patients
  • Sharing is caring with photos, videos and music

Security system that learns

  • False alarm learning and elimination
  • Lighting that learns
  • Predictive maintenance for administrators
  • 24/7 Professional monitoring

Bot-driven negotiations save energy and maximize comfort.

  • Bots negotiate to balance comfort
  • Learns comfort preferences
  • Bot-enabled Demand Response
  • ‘Gamification’ with points and rewards

IvedaCare App


IvedaCare is a simple to install, easy to use, wireless home automation system accessed through the cloud. With IvedaCare, simply use your smartphone or tablet to access your system for home security, power saving, and life conveniences. The system is plug and play eliminating complex network configurations and consists of wireless sensors and devices eliminating the need of cables and cumbersome installation. Turn your home into a smart home in minutes. You can access all your devices and IP camera on a single mobile app

Peace of Mind, 24/7
Easily keep track of loved ones who may live alone, near or far away for enhanced peace of mind.

Live at Home Longer
Seniors can live at home longer delaying a costly move to an independent or assisted facility.

Share Alerts
Share good times and bad news with the Trusted Circle of family and friends.

Add Pro Monitoring
If the Trusted Circle is unavailable, our emergency call center will dispatch emergency services quickly.

The System Expands
Easily expandable with popular devices – voice control, smart plugs, water leak sensors, and more.

Easy to Use
Control the system and collaborate naturally through simple text messaging – no app required for participants.

IvedaCare Service Subscription

Trusted Circle Monitoring, Rules, and Alerts

The IvedaCare app is free for downloading when you purchase the Starter Kit. This will allow you to activate the system, set up the sensors and passively monitor your sensors. If you wish to set up rules to add intelligence to your sensors, get alerts via text messages or on the IvedaCare app, add IvedaCare Service Subscription to your account. First, alert the people who live here. If no one responds, alert the Trusted Circle of family and friends. This Trusted Circle can also check in using the IvedaCare app at any time to see how things are going at any given time and review the daily report to see how things have been going over time.